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Little Pumpkin Classic Diaper Bags Backpack for Mothers

Little Pumpkin Classic Diaper Bags Backpack for Mothers

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Little Pumpkin Classic Diaper for Mothers

Little Pumpkin Diaper Bags for urban moms to make parenting fun and easy. The Stylish Diaper is made with high-quality fabric which gives a premium look to it. This diaper bag is meticulously designed to give multiple pockets to keep all the baby items in a bag when you take your little one outdoors. Wide-open design to make it easier to take out things from the bag with insulated pockets to keep the baby bottle warm for the longer time duration. The smart and classy diaper bag can be used as a backpack or can be carried in . So smart moms what are you waiting for? Get this classy diaper bag for making your mom time easier. 

Key Features 

  • High-Quality Water Resistant Material: The Stylish looks due to the rich Oxford Fabric and makes it water-resistant.

  • Multiple Pockets: With a lot of pockets inside it helps the parent to keep baby needs sorted in different compartments.

  • Multi-Function: Packed up with a lot of features in it, this can be used as a diaper bag and as a regular unisex backpack too

  • Large Capacity: Built to give more than 9 Pockets, it has capacity to hold everything that your little one needed for their daily use.

  • Insulated Pockets: Insulated pockets inside the front chain to keep the milk/ water warm while you are with your baby.


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