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Kiddie Kingdom Shampoo Cap

Hair Wash for baby is one a challenging task for mother. Baby eyes experience burning sensation as soaps / shampoos get into their eyes during Hair wash. Little Pumpkin brings Kiddie Kingdom Series of Shampoo caps which solves the pain of mothers.


Soft and Comfortable: Little Pumpkin Shampoo Cap is made of Soft and comfortable material which make easy to wear for baby. It can prevent water and shampoo running into eyes and ears to cause discomfort or even sickness like green-eyed or ear infections, etc.


Adjustable for any Head: Little pumpkin Shampoo Cap is made of soft plastic which is adjustable for any size of head of babies.

Multifunctional: Little Pumpkin shampoo cap is designed innovatively in such a way that it can be used as Shampoo Cap for shower, Cap for Hair Cut and Cap to protect from sunlight if used to wear in sun.

Nontoxic: It is made of Non Toxic Material to make it make it comfortable for your little one

Cute Design: Bear Design with toy makes it cute and attractive for baby to wear.