The Importance of Sleep in Baby’s Growth!!

The Importance of Sleep in Baby’s Growth!!

Every living creature needs at least a few hours of sleep. Sleeping peacefully helps the body to rest and regenerate the energy. As per statistics Lion's needs 16 to 18 hours of sleep, while primates need ten to twelve hours of sleep. Hence, we can see that according to the living creature number of hours to sleep varies. For Humans on an average of six to eight hours sleep required to rejuvenate.  Human babies need a full eight hours of sleep at night and a couple of naps in between. 

The sleep plays a big role in overall development of our body, mind, and health. The body uses sleep as a way to refresh our brain and regenerate the cells. While we sleep our brain get time to relax. This happens because of the automatic pilot that is built into our bodies.  People tend to think that the body only needs to recharge spent energy on the day's work, but truly the body works the regeneration cycle much faster when the brain does not control much action.

In order to achieve a good sleep for your baby make sure your baby has a comfortable sleep environment which includes noise free room and comfortable bedding. You will find a variety of bedding sets in the market. Hence, select the one that feels just right. Choosing right bed size is also important, it should not be big as king size bed or not too small. The bedding should be soft to touch & cozy. The bedding should not be too stiff or fluffy it can also effect on baby’s comfort.  

Every parent wants to give their best to their babies. Buying costly bedding doesn’t mean it is comfortable. All babies are different.  There are numerous patterns and fabrics are available in the market to choose from. Don’t go for fancy instead choose the one which is comfortable for baby. Remember sleep is a crucial part of your baby’s growth. Make your baby’s sleeping experience pleasant. It assumed that new born babies sleep ten to twelve hours a day including day naps.

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