Signs & Natural Way To Sooth Baby During Teething Time

Signs & Natural Way To Sooth Baby During Teething Time

Baby’s first tooth is a special event for parents, as the sweet little gummy smile is going to change into an adorable toothy grin. Parents are always concerned if various symptoms are connected to your baby’s teething. 

Signs & Symptoms of teething in baby

There are lot of symptoms that babies can experience when they are teething. Some of them are directly linked to pain and irritation. These symptoms include: 

Fussiness &Irritation

Children might be cranky when getting teeth. This can be because of inconvenience from the getting teeth or identified with a portion of the symptoms of getting teeth. 

Refuse To Sleep

Due to uneasiness, babies have trouble falling asleep or he/she wakes frequently at night. 

Refuses To Eat

Babies may refuse to eat, it is due to pain in their gums or discomfort in their belly due to swallowing excess saliva. 


Due to excess irritation and pain, your baby may start biting everything he gets in hand.                                                


Your baby may get more saliva in his/her mouth. Excessive drooling can cause a drool rash on your baby’s face. 

Loose stools

When babies swallow the extra saliva they may experience loose stools, which are often confused with diarrhea. 

Increased body temperature

Your baby can get inflammation, which sometimes can cause a slight increase in body temperature. This is the body’s usual response to the swelling. 

Best natural remedies for baby teething

Here are some of the natural remedies for teething to help provide comfort to your baby

Natural BPA Free teething toys

When a baby bites a teether made of natural rubber, they experience counter pressure on their gums. The back pressure provides some relief from the swollen gums. 

Frozen Washcloth for soothing

Clean a dry baby washcloth which can be soaked in water and frozen for 20-30 mins. Once frozen, you can rub the frozen washcloth on the baby’s gum, or let the baby hold the washcloth and chew himself. The cold washcloth provides comfort from the pain and inflammation caused by teething. 

Frozen fruit or breastmilk

Frozen fruit or breastmilk can be placed in a mesh or silicone feeder for your baby to gnaw on. The frozen liquid gives comfort from pain for your baby. 

Use these natural ways to sooth your baby during the teething time.

Note: If your baby is not well or having high temperature during teething time then its better to consult the doctor.
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