New Born Babies Complete Massaging Guide.

New Born Babies Complete Massaging Guide.

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The skin to skin touch helps you and your baby to develop a strong bond with each other. Since ancient time massage is considered as a critical part of growth and development of the babies. One thing which you should consider while massaging is the amount of pressure you apply on Newborns should be much less than the adults. 

Generally, moms prefer to keep their child on their lap or lay on the elevated soft surface. If the child cries that means they are not comfortable hence stop massaging.

Step by step Massage guide for Newborns

  1. First of all create comfortable surface and lay down your child on the back. Start massaging gently from hair to the forehead and temples.
  2. Go ahead and start massaging the cheeks in the heart shape which starts from nose to ears and moving down to the chin.
  3. Now place both the hands on the chest of the baby and stroke outwards. Now use the clockwise circle stroke around the navel with both hands. Do gentle wringing action to get exercise of the legs and abdomen.
  4. When it comes to arm start stroking from the shoulder to the fingers. Massage the palm moving the thumb over thumb, squeeze and pull each of the fingers in turn. Follow the same steps for another arm.
  5. Now, turn the position and lay the child stomach down. By using both hands slide smoothly down the spine alternatively. Now start from the base of the neck and move down to the base of spine.
  6. Do a gentle massage like kneading a dough on the child's shoulder.
  7. Stoke up and over the back as well as the arms.
  8. Hold the ankle bone between your fingertips and move both the hands in circular motion.
  9. Squeeze the heel with one hand and use the thumb of your other hand to massage the rest of the foot.
  10. Now gently stroke up and down the leg. Try to give winging action to improve the strength of the leg. Now gently massage the foot with the use of thumb over thumb motion from heel to toe. Same way massage the backside of another leg.

Finally, turn the baby in front position and give a final massage in two strokes. Start from one foot up the leg, across the lower abdomen and move down the other leg. Do light strokes from the top of head right down to the feet.


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