Hobbies are Healthy!!

Hobbies are Healthy!!

Hobbies play major role in child development, it gives opportunity to child to express themselves which boosts self-esteem & helps them in discovering themselves. It also helps child in education. A child interested in natural objects like flowers, stones learns science, and a child in painting learns about seeing the world from different point of view. Hobbies will make them strong in terms of achieving their goals, problem solving and in making decisions. Sometimes hobbies become lifelong interest or careers.

Parent footsteps are always followed by their children in terms of hobby. So setting a classic example by pursuing own hobby for child is good. Special space should be allotted to the child for performing his hobbies so that child can work on his hobby. Sometime it is quite messy, to realize the hobbies.

Parents should be always available to their child and provide encouragement, guidance & support. This will be a great time for child to teach them about work habits, such as following directions closely, setting goals and proper planning and organization. It will make child understood that nothing worthwhile is ever easy, especially when they begin to become frustrated with their progress. Even in this time, child can learn about the personal responsibility and taking proper care of their work area.

If playing with the video games & watching television are limited than children will be more encouraged to work on their hobbies. By the age of 15 the average child spends most time in watching television than in school. At here setting good example is important. Instead of watching cricket match for four hours, turn off the television and work on your hobby. It will make child to join you in your work or their own as a result.

Hobbies are rewarding and enriching parts of lives, it’s good to encourage child to explore by own interest and find a hobby.

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